Tuesday, April 23, 2013

21 weeks and exhausted

TWENTY ONE WEEKS!!!! Holy hell. This pregnancy is going by TOO fast! Our lil girls are the size of pomegranates this week and have white hair and their taste buds are almost fully developed! 

Here we are at 21 weeks....pardon the crappy background and the fact that I look like crap....It has been a looooong week.

YAY babies! 

The past weeks have been insanity...We settled on our new home which was owned prior by an older lady which only means 1 thing - WALLPAPER. and lots of it. Effin unreal. and even more effin unreal is that we had the genius idea to take it all down on our own - 'how hard can it be??' 

I'll tell you how hard it can be! Unbelievably-painstakingly-beyond annoying-beyond frustrating-HARD! Never ever again. If we EVER move again, which I highly doubt because it was HELL, we will not be moving into a house with even 1 wall of wallpaper - EFF NO! 

BUT on the bright side - IT IS DONE! and our home is looking amazing. 

Still a lot to do but nothing major - just piecing the place together, organizing, and decorating which will take weeks, I am sure and that is fine by me as long as it is no more 8 hour work days followed by 10 hours scraping wallpaper. 

THEN BABY ROOM TIME!! Their room is painted and it is going to be an amamzing next few months organizing everything and setting up the nursery..cannot wait. 

And also, on the first floor of our home we have a 4th bedroom that I need to get set up for the girl's playroom aka a place to keep all their crap so I can keep my living room semi-clean. My sister (Hi Shings!) gave us a TON of baby stuff that I cannot wait to go through and all that is currently occupying the playroom in a state of chaos!

Also, I have to get around to designing (aka taking a trip to Ikea) our reading nook for the girls!

Currently, their room is a disaster as it is serving as our dressing room as we have yet to organize our closet. Luckily, my wardrobe is 85% packed up and I am in no rush to unpack it as none of it fits me right now. Erin is surrounded by a pack of trash bags and suit cases trying to piece together an outfit. I need to tell her to just wear my maternity clothes..no one would notice a bunch of extra material on the sides, I am sure.

Our movers showed up a cool 4 hours later so that was rad to stress about that. Also, when they showed up they looked like a group of hippies crossed w/ Justin Biebs and the Killers but they rocked it and got us moved in 5 hours. 

Also, when we were removing wallpaper in the office we found a note on the wall written by the person who wallpapered it back in 1938...pretty rad to find that - and once again, I forgot to take a pic.  

I am totally regretting that I did not take a slew of 'before' pics but once we got in there, we got to work and didn't stop. I am def regretting it but I would not go back to that 'before' EVERRRR

I'll be sure to post after pics once we are settled in!

Tyson is enjoying a new home and so far only 1 feather pillow has fallen victim to his attacks...He still denies it adamantly but no way can he get out of this one....

and I just realized I never updated after our 20 week u/s and anatomy scan...I'll get the pics up soon. The u/s went amazing and we had the best tech who told us everything she was doing and our girls were dancing around like crazzzyyy. They are looking perfect :) We are so beyond blessed and lucky. 

I hope to update w/ the 20 week u/s update asap!

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  1. Mel,
    Wow have you ever been busy girls! I love your pictures and Tyson is just about the cutest lil boy ever :) Congrats on the house and making it through that dreaded wallpaper disaster. I can't stand the stuff either!!