Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hey all!

This past Sunday marks the 20th week of pregnancy! YAY! 

Our lil ones are the size of bananas this week and my waist is the size of an over-inflated basketball. So wonderful :)

Thursday we have our 20 week u/s and anatomy scan which will be a 2 hour-ish u/s which I am psyched for obvi because I get to see our bambinos for a few hours.

This week is beyond hectic - We settled on our new home (yay!) on Monday and since then, it has been a nonstop construction zone...whoever likes wallpaper and puts it up in your house - I LOATHE you. WTF is wallpaper even for? I love this floral print THAT much that I have want to glue it all over my house?!

At settlement, the seller commented that when she moved into the house - 30 years ago - the prior own had up some hideous, old lady wallpaper and as soon as she moved in, she removed it. I gave a slight chuckle while thinking, "SO you removed hideous wallpaper and put up even MORE HIDEOUS, even older lady wall paper?!" Good move there, old lady now give us the keys and enjoy your golden years in your retirement community!

72 hours later - Erin is still slaving away scraping...Her arm muscles are becoming quite ripped - who needs the gym anyway?! 

I'll be sure to update w/ before/after pics once we get in. 

20 weeks - yay!!!!! Beanie and Squishy getting stronger every day....4 more months - AT LEAST - until we meet our lil ones :)

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