Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend review in pics

An amazing weekend.....

A surprise party for my bestest....YAY! SSURRPPRRIISSEEEE!!

the bday girl and her amazing-party-planning-wife...

beautiful friends.....

and the FOUR of us :) baby bumps!

a bit of laziness with the pup...

Couldn't resist buying a few things for beanie and squishy..(this was Erin's doing - she refused to leave the store without these that means it doesn't count as ME spending money ;) Can't wait to see the girls in these outfits this September!)

and I refused to come home until we got our daily Rita's fix...(that mango addicted!! AND our bambinos are the size of mangos this week!)

aaaannnd finally - our weekly bump pic!!! 19 weeks!! so amazing :)

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  1. Yay! I made the blog! Thanks again for all your help with party! And I love that bump! I can't say it enough!!