Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gender Reveal!!!!!

The time has come!!! 

I can finally post the long-awaited-and-anticipated gender of our bambinos!

We have known for a a short while now and had to wait to tell a few people in person before posting and I do have to say that while waiting to tell others in person is beyond hard to do (hence my busting at the seams), it is BEYOND worth the wait and the suspense to see their reactions!!

We had gift bags with gender specific booties in each bag...was so suspenseful waiting while they would pull out the tissue paper....and peer into the bag!! 

Here we go! 

Any final guesses!?!? 


TWO BABY GIRLS!!!!!!!!! 

It STIll feels surreal!! 

A few friends have asked if now it feels more "real" since we know the gender of our bambinos...and I think it definitely does make it more concrete feeling but I am still on cloud 9 about this whole pregnancy that EVERYTHING feels surreal. Each night when we listen to the heartbeats, it feels surreal. When I go into my closet and have only 3 shirts that currently fit me to pick from, it feels surreal. When people ask about the babies or rub my belly, it feels surreal. It all feels surreal...amazingly surreal.

One favorite memory that I keep reliving over and over is having my niece read the ultrasounds to my sister that the doc had written the genders on. My niece got to the "I am a ....." and paused. My sister emphatically saying, "SOUND IT OUT! SOUND IT OUT!" I think my niece only got out the sound of the letter G before we all started screaming paired with tears! Then to calm down - and have her read the other u/s! More tears! Was absolutely amazing :)

Now we are referring to the beanie and squishy as our 'twin baby girls' or just 'the girls'....or even more commonly as 'holy heck...TWO baby girls!!!!'

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