Wednesday, March 27, 2013


As I have been bitching about explaining, I have not been craving much this pregnancy. It has more been about what I am not craving as opposed to what I am. We will be discussing what to do for dinner and most things trigger an automatic gag reflex however, spring has arrived and that means Rita's is back in season. 

I have been a Rita's addict since my high school days working there sporting the white baseball hat and red Rita's golf shirt. A mega-bonus (on top of the $5.25 minimum wage salary) was that at the end of every shift, you were allowed to bring home a quart of whatever water ice you wanted. My parents freezer was stocked from March through September with quarts upon quarts of every flavor. 

Maybe I should go back to Rita's part-time to reap those benefits again? It definitely would save us some $$. Who doesn't want to be served water ice by a knocked up chick who is more concerned with eating a mango/vanilla gelati then serving you a misto??

Once again, I am beyond lucky that Erin encourages my addiction and this past weekend we had our first Rita's of the season. It was freakin delic. Of course while eating it I commented how they really need to make size small gelatis as medium is just too big and I will never be able to finish this. Fast forward 10 mins and I am asking Erin for a bite of hers as mine has disappeared. 

And tonight, we have another Rita's date planned...cheers!


  1. Minimum wage is up around $8 these days, i think it might pay off ;-)

  2. Can you get free water ice for friends?? :)