Monday, March 25, 2013


Yesterday we hit our 17th week of pregnancy! Well technically we are in our 18th week because week zero was technically week 1..I suppose. Erin continues to explain it to me but it goes right over my head...not a huge shock these brain has been on vacation the past few weeks.

Our lil bambinos are getting much bigger this week - building fat on their lil bods which is beyond exciting as I love smuggling chubby lil babes! 

To help them beef up I am trying to pump up my red meat consumption - gag! mmm yum! Homemade chili is sizzling in the crock pot right now because what else is there to do at 7:30am on a snowy Monday when the wifey has to leave for work and I am determined to procrastinate on writing papers? Make chili, of course! 

Speaking of the babies beefin' up, I definitely am too - yay! So far I gained probs about 7ish pounds. It is so freakin hard to track because every scale is diff and I lost weight in the beginning with the OHSS but now I am up to 144ish so thats 6-7 pounds over my norm. It must be the weekly milkshakes, inhalation of nilla wafers, and 2 bowls of cereal daily that is contributing to these lbs. 

Our lil bambinos are about the size of onions crown to rump this week and according to "the books" (which I read way to much of) I should start feeling some little flutters soon of them dancing around. This is a feeling I am beyond excited for!!!! I keep thinking I feel something then realize it is just my stomach growling or some indigestion that is rumbling around but hopefully soon! 

Per my usual ranting about the wait between u/s appts, Friday CANNOT get here soon enough!!!! Luckily, this week is busy so HOPEFULLY time will fly. I am beyond anxious to find out the genders but I think I am even more excited just to see them and hear again that all is going perfectly.

Erin is becoming a pro w/ the doppler and amazes me at how she   locates the 2 heartbeats within really is an amazing purchase and Erin is almost ready to admit that too ;)

Here we are @ 17 weeks - semi-hard to see the bump w/ the lighting but you get the idea. We do take belly pics without the shirt to see how much the belly is really growing (and oh how much it is!) but lucky for you and just in case you are eating while reading, I'll spare you those images. 
Have a great day all!

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