Friday, March 1, 2013

13 weeks 5 days!

It is always such a flippin fantastic day when we get to see our healthy, strong bambinos. They are growing like crazzzy and dancing around nonstop. 

Erin did have me drink choke down a vat of orange juice as it helps gets the babies moving and it sure did work. They both were waving at us and baby b spent the morning sucking his thumb and baby a was the stubborn one who would not turn over so the u/s tech could get accurate measurements. After some poking and prodding by the tech, she got him to scoot around. Both babes are perfect! 

The u/s tech did say that it was too early to tell us the genders with 100% confidence so even though I am referring to them as "him"...the genders are still unknown! A few more weeks of suspenseful wondering is okay by me :)

Once again, I am amazed by the ultrasound freaking amazing. 

Excessive ultrasound photo bomb below:

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