Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Name change.

Over the past year we have been discussing what we would name our future bambinos pretty much nonstop. 

Granted the convos have gotten more intense over the past 4 months since we found out we were prego and even more in the past 3 months since we found out we are having twins. 
There have been many a nights where we sit on the couch facing each other - one of us on the iPad (usually me - I know, Erin, I don't share it well) and the other on their iPhone looking up names for hours and hours. 

**broken record alert** 
It still feels  unbelievably surreal that I am actually prego and cooking TWO babies...how freaking lucky can I/we get!?!? Un-BELIEVABLE!!!! so so thankful and lucky!! 

Also, a part of the name change/selection discussion is what will our babies last name be? We discussed hyphenating but, in our opinion, that is a lot to put on any kid and eventually in school or just in life, the latter of the names would probably be dropped purely due to length. So we decided on my last name which also means my Erin will be taking on my last name which is beyond a compliment in itself that she is doing so. Gives me chills to think about how we all will have our family name soon.

So, we have spent hours dreaming about our bambinos names...but it did not dawn on me until a few days ago that my name is changing too. In a few months, I am going to be called Mommy. What a freakin amazing feeling this is! I cannot even explain how out-of-this-effin-world this feels. 

Sitting here with tears streaming down my face at the thought of this perfect little voice looking up at me  (thank you pregnancy hormones paired with being a sap to begin with) and saying, "Mommy" Beyond amazing.

I get a new name..and it is the most beautiful name I have ever heard. 


  1. So awesome!
    My wife didnt want a hyphenated surname and we didn't want it for our kids, plus her surname was written down incorrectly when she was born, so her legal name is different from her mothers, (which is also spelt incorrectly on her birth cert- third world country!)...and it's currently the name of a kids toy lol. So I didn't want to take that name. We've done down research and have come up with the name that seems like it's the original one, and it's what she thought was her name all along. So we are both changing our name legally to that. Mine will be hyphenated and hers and our children's will be just single. It's a beautiful French Caribbean name and means something similar to Joyous, so a lovely name to all share.
    Our babies will end up with long names as we want both French Caribbean and traditional Maori names for each, as well as a 'normal' name in case they want to use that. So it would've been cruel to also lump them with a hyphenated surname too!
    I'm on my phone and can't log in properly with my blog linked name to comment, but if you want to come read I'm over at pepibebe.wordpress.com

  2. Yay erin your amazing I know how much mel keeping her name means to her. Your a good egg!

  3. ...just love this....xoxoxox Marisa