Wednesday, March 6, 2013

'Oh - that's a nice name'

Seeing as how Erin and I are beyond lucky in the fact that we get to name not only 1 baby BUT 2 babies at the same time, there have been many a convos about the potential baby names. We have a solid list going on the iPad with about 5 girl names and 10 boy names but we are still holding out for the gender reveal to narrow the list down even further. 

With that being said, we have told friends and fam some of the names we are thinking of and at times, we get the crinkled nose/forced smile reaction. Granted none of our names are THAT out there - no La-a (pronounced La Dash Ah) or ManMeet (BOTH real names that friends have come across) however, some of our names are unique but I love that! 

The name Jack has always been a fav of mine but go into a kindergarten classroom today and you will have at least 2 Jacks. I want to pick names that will not be the 'norms' of the year 2013...and I think we are well on our way to successfully selecting these names!

I am not going to post our potential names so I can leave at least some element of surprise but I know me, and once we know the genders I am sure this blog will be blown up with talking about our babies by their first names paired with embroidered onesies to boot.


  1. My vote is Manmeet! Can go for a boy or a girl :)

    1. lol :) Awww lil Manmeet is so cute I can't wait to hold Manmeet
      love you