Friday, March 8, 2013


Yesterday, we had out monthly check-up w/ our OB. We are lucky that I have been going to this amazing OBGYN practice since I was a teenager. They are the best in the biz - particularly when it comes to babies. One of the perks of having a Mom as an RN in the same hospital who I am pretty sure scouts out each doc she crosses paths with and then gives recommendations/bad reviews accordingly. Every doc in the practice has extensive experience w/ multiples and high-risk pregnancies (not that we are in that category, yet - and hopefully never)

One downside of being a patient of the "best" in the biz - is their client list. Everyone wants to see the best of the best, understandably. So day in and out, its a revolving door in that office. My main OB was kind enough to give me advice on how to always be bumped to the head of the line whether its an appointment needed or a call back requested. He advised me to drop the T word. Twins. and it has rang true! After a few times of not receiving a call back after messages have been left, I start dropping the T words and miraculously within minutes, my call is returned! Imagine that! Makes me wonder how many other patients prego w/ singletons are still waiting for their call back??

Anywho, yesterday started off normal with a friendly, smiling nurse calling us back to our exam room. I followed the routine of popping on the scale (gained 2 pounds - yay!), pee in a cup and unavoidably pee on your hand, and a quick BP check. All was great. 

The nurse as reading my chart gave us an, "OMG twins! How exciting!" Erin and I both gave our sheepish smirks and let out an, "oh yes - so great!" She continued that she had just transferred to OB from orthopedics and commented what a different world it is. She then continued to tell us that she was unsure how to find two heartbeats using the sonogram machine. This convo included her laughing/saying that she just has no idea how she will be able to tell the difference between the two heartbeats. I nervously gave a chuckle and an, "oh yea - I am sure its hard." All the while thinking, "okay..this is your job. I want to see/hear BOTH heartbeats...learn your shiz." She begins the sonogram (all the while giggling and chuckling) and we hear 1 babies heartbeat....she continues moving around and we hear another heartbeat and she asks me, "now how do we know if that is the same one or the other one?" Listen Chippy, I don't effin know. I am not on their payroll for a reason. Get the doc already!
She leaves and says that the doc will do it to be sure to we hear both heartbeats. 

Doc enters (sans sonogram machine) and says that it can be hard to find 2 heartbeats at 14.5 weeks since they are still small (little lemons!) which I can totally understand BUT when we were in the office 2 weeks ago (at 12ish weeks prego) due to bleeding, the nurse easily found both. He asks me to lay down and continues to explain that in the days before u/s and sonograms, docs would feel the patients stomach to see if they were prego with multiples. He starts pressing all around my stomach and comments that I am measuring 16-18 weeks for a singleton but he can tell I am prego w/ multiples, as I am only 14.5 weeks. 

Alright old man....It is 2013. We have u/s machines and sonograms at our disposal (and damn good insurance to pay for these services none the less.) While I appreciate the history lesson of pregnancies during the Renaissance era, I would appreciate even more hearing my babies heartbeats. He reassured us that my ultrasound from 3/1 looks great so he has no concerns and feels all is great. Shakes hands and peaces out. 

Granted, I know 10000% we are spoiled by our RE. Weekly visits with u/s, blood work, a one on one meetings with the doc, and hugs from the nurses as we leave..and not to forget enjoying a butterscotch candy from the front desk candy dish...I know we are not going to get that type of treatment here as we are now in a different fertility ballpark BUT it would have been nice to hear their heartbeats - or at least have the doc try and locate both heartbeats and be able to distinguish between the two. 

Luckily, we have another u/s in 3 weeks (f/u to our first tri screening) and another 2 weeks later (20 week u/s - full body bone scan for both bambinos) so we will see them soon but in my over-worrying mind, not soon enough. 

Outside of that, all is great. I feel great..still sleepy all the time but energy is definitely creeping back. I am noticing that when @ work w/ my little charge that I am slowing down in the playing on the floor get up, sit down, up again lol Could be a combo of laziness and my bod working hard to nourish these bambinos. 

Never a dull moment :) I'll update soon w/ our 15 week pic...Can't believe we are almost 4 months amazingly crazy :)

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