Monday, March 18, 2013

4 months!

4 months!!! Holy Hell - how freakin amazing! 

I CANNOT believe it is 4 months wonderful! For some reason 4 months sounds so much further along than 16 weeks. Either way - I WILL be keeping these bambinos cooking until at least August 11th. 

I am over eager to get this month moving by quickly as we are settling on our new house April 5th - YAY! I cannot wait to get in there and organize/clean/re-organize in plenty of time before the bambinos or bed rest arrive. Luckily, packing is moving along swiftly now it just needs to be the 5th already!!! 

I cannot wait to get the babies room set up...We know what we are doing - Grey walls....grey and white bedding...with BRIGHT accent once we know the genders perhaps throw in some bright pink and bright eager to get in our house!!! 

We have been listening to our bambinos heartbeats amazing. I should add that we think we are hearing both definitely is a challenge to know when you are locating two heartbeats..There have been a few times where we got them both at the same time and other times we locate 1 and move around a bit then hear another. Either way - it is reassuring to hear them. The doppler may be the best $50 investment I have ever made. I'll be sure to pass it onto the next prego lady in our group of fam/friends ;)

oh and we always find 1 heartbeat around 160 and the other 1 around 140...old wives tales, I know but maybe it is 1 boy and 1 girl!?!? We will find out soon enough :))

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