Tuesday, February 26, 2013


At 13 weeks and 2 days prego, I finally got socked by morning sickness. I am beyond, BEYOND lucky that this is my first day of morning sickness as some women are debilitated for 3 months but I am wondering why suddenly now I am getting hit with it even though the morning sickness "should" be over now.

I woke up feeling fine - other than miserable that I was up so early - why does work have to be so freakin early? Can't we all just work 10-2 M-F?? Showered, dressed, took my vitamins per the usual and then my bod went up to about 3000 degrees and I knew things were not going to end well. After a few minutes of ralphing, I felt better but still shaky. Mostly probs due to my absolute fear of getting the stomach bug and my first thought was that I had been hit with it. I still went to work and here I am, 6 hours later, and still feeling off but got down some cheerios and ginger ale so I am hoping its not the bug. 

I have never heard of 2nd trimester on-set morning sickness but not much about this fertility journey or pregnancy has been "normal" so maybe this is how things will be for a bit? 

First trimester u/s and screening FRIDAY! aaandd maybe find out the genders of our lil bambinos!! 

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  1. Just caught up with the blog and I loved reading all of your posts! I'm crossing my fingers for you guys that you'll be able to find out the genders tomorrow. We found out a little before 15 weeks and she's been a girl at every ultrasound since, so they're usually pretty accurate.