Monday, February 11, 2013

10 weeks 4 days

I am a bit behind on my updates here so I'll do a quick catch up...Last week we had our final appt with our amazing fertility team - such a bittersweet day! This team has been so amazing. We are truly going to miss seeing them every week. We are sending a thank few thank you gifts but our thank you's come no where close to expressing our true gratitude and thankfulness of these amazing people!!! 

We also had our first OB appt which was quick and to the point. Such a different experience than the fertility docs. No u/s - no b/w - no exam. Just a quick convo and a pat on the back w/ a see ya in 4 weeks. While I have full faith in these docs and I know we are in great hands, I do wish for more of a personal experience. I know some of this is my own psychosis of wanting to see these babies every week and make sure that they are okay but the doc knows best! 

Our next appt is in 3.5 weeks and that does not include an u/s but I am waiting for a call back from the doc to check in on first trimester screening as well as since we will then be almost 15 weeks perhaps we can find out the genders of these lil miracle! 

Here's a pic of our lil ones at 10 weeks 4 days...Once again, they were dancing all around - arms and legs flailing about - They must of gotten their dance moves from their Mama Erin ;)

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