Monday, February 18, 2013


I know that the majority (if not all) of my blog posts start or end with how lucky we are (pardon my bragging and redundancy) but the past few days I have been mulling over how truly lucky we are. 

Randomly, Erin will text me that she was just sitting and thinking about our babies and that we are so damn lucky - and I agree w/ my whole heart. 

We began our fertility journey back in June 2012 - well, we had our first doc appt back in June - the discussions on when to start this journey began months earlier - and while our journey was made up of many ups and downs, sad days, hopeful days, and stressful days - here we are 8ish months later and we are 3 months prego - with TWINS nonetheless. SO-freakin-amazin. 

Obvi, we both are aware and elated that IVF worked for us and beyond excited for whats to come but it still feels surreal! I don't know if the reality of these two amazing babies will hit until we meet them this August. 

Trying to get pregnant - for any couple - gay or straight - is a journey. 

Granted, there are still some beyond lucky people that have their ooops! babies and good for them for being the recipient of an amazing gift that many people are yearning for. 

Our journey was rough, but in looking back from the first unsuccessful IUI to now - it was all so freaking worth it to be sitting here today with this lil bump on my lap and feeling nauseous usually 15 hours a day. Totes worth it. 

It seems so unfair that some people can't get prego...seems inhumane almost.  A friend has been on her fertility journey for TWO YEARS. I give her and her hubby so much credit for being so strong throughout. AND especially for pushing forward and keeping on trying especially without insurance. My heart hurts for them and I wish there was something I, or anyone, could do for them.

We have 6ish months left until we meet our bambinos. Hoping nonstop I can keep these lil ones cooking until at least August 11th (38 weeks) I am sure the next 6 months will be filled with more worry and even more excitement but I hope we both take the time to constantly remember and appreciate just how damn lucky we really are. 

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