Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Worry. Deep Breath.

Almost exactly a month from the last time I had some bleeding....it started yet again so off to the doc I went this morning for an u/s. 

I do have to say that I miss our fertility docs even more! 
Now that we are with our OB, ultrasounds are not done in the office...rather they are done in the perinatal testing center and then the report sent to your OB. The u/s tech was amazing and the u/s doc was great as well so I am not knocking them at all. I just miss our old techs who knew us by name! 

But most importantly, the babies are fine. The doc actually said all is perfect. Babies are measuring perfect with heartbeats at approx 160.

The tech was at first concerned that Baby A (beanie) had a slight tear in the placenta but the u/s did not show any positive result of that - THANK BABY JESUS! 

We will be going back in a week and a half for our first trimester screening however, I am now wondering if it is necessary? It tests for downs and tri-18. The tech today measured the babies necks and all is perfect. If there was a thickening of the neck (spine), then that would suggest that something is wrong but all looks perfect. Soooo, we will make that decision in the next few days! Part of me wants to still have the testing just to get to see the babies sooner rather than later as we will not have another u/s for probs 5-6 weeks when we find out the gender - YAY!!!! 

Erin is thinking it is 2 girls and I am thinking 1 boy and 1 girl. Obvi as long as both are strong and healthy we will take whatever combo that we get! 

So for now, doc reassured that all is okay. Take it easy. I will limit the heavy lifting and count down the days til we can see the doc again (March 7th!) 

We did get a ton of pics today...I'll post as soon as I can...they are growing so big and were kicking and wiggling all about! 

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