Monday, February 4, 2013

Hungry. Nauseous. Full. Nauseous. and Repeat.

While I am enjoying every millisecond of being prego - it sure as all hell does do some crazy shiz to your bod. 

My days are filled with a cycle of being hungry - starving even - which quickly turns to nausea - I force myself to eat - almost immediately, I am full - and almost immediately, I am nauseous again. Shortly later, starving again...and so on. 

To help alleviate this I totally have a fat girl purse going on which is stocked with granola bars, fig newtons, an apple, a tub of peanut butter and pending on the day probs some edamame or cheese its.  Not always the healthiest selections but I am limited as the thought of so many foods makes me want to hurl at that instant. 

I have lost about 1.5 pounds which shocks the hell out of me as per doc orders I haven't exercised in 2 months (thank YOU enlarged ovaries) and most days feel as if all I do is eat! This week I am going to track my food a bit closer than usual to make sure I am getting in the calories that these lil bambinos need. I KNOW they needed that vanilla milkshake last night at 10pm - I drank it for them - not me!  

Per the usual - counting down the days til we see our lil ones again...this week they are the size of prunes - so freaking amazzzzzing. 

Also, this past weekend, 2 family friends who were not aware that I was prego saw me and knew immediately. These lil ones are making my belly grow :)Still small but it is definitely there. It was an amazing feeling to get congratulations from people whom we did not yet tell about the babies. Still feels surreal that we are THIS lucky. 

Back to my bod - my old jeans are in the back of the closet and I am having a long term relationship with my yoga pants. Luckily, Old Navy has saved my ass and allowed me to expand my collection to 4 pairs. Trying not to spend too much moolah on "winter" clothes as spring is not too far away. 

I'm off to procrastinate on school work and read more about how our lil ones are growing this week :) 

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