Thursday, February 14, 2013


In typical first-time-parent fashion, Erin and I have been taking weekly pics of how our babies and therefore, my waistline are growing. It is something we look forward to weekly even though we take these pics just for us - it is a fun thing to do and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is prego (or trying to get prego so you can compare your pre and post prego bod - even if the thought of comparing the two makes you cringe - I am interested to see how my bod changes both during and after pregnancy)

Also, I would absolutely recommend keeping a blog of your experiences...this has been an amazing outlet and a way to keep track of all the happenings over the past few months. 

Funny tidbit - after our second flare up of OHSS that was characterized with 5 days of hospitalizations, doc appts, and pain - we geared up to take our prego pic for that week. and holy hell was there a bump (probs close to what I have now) Fast forward 1 week and we again get ready to take our weekly pic and the bump is GONE. We compared the pics for probs 20 minutes. Part of me panicked, 'oh shit, something is wrong - the babies shrunk'  (logical, huh?) Gave us a laugh none-the-less.

I am now getting called out on my growing bump which is so fine by me...Most people have said I look about 20 weeks (when we are 11.5 weeks) but with twins, they take up extra room in there which is also probs why I want to ralph if I ever eat more than 1/2 a sandwich in one sitting. 
I am totes okay with getting big and I am more than aware and accepting of the fact that my bikini days are OVER. I'll rock a damn tankini proudly. I'll be MORE than happy to ever get back in the ballpark of my pre-prego weight of 138-140ish. (the 'ish gives me the cushion of probs never getting back to that area but with the 'ish anywhere within a 10 pound spread is acceptable)

Anywho - Here we were this past weekend at 11 weeks - yay! Pardon my creeper, awkward smile. 

This weekend we will be announcing to facebook that we are expecting our lil ones. It's crazy that this has actually been a discussion of when to not only let the world know but HOW to tell facebook that we are prego. Does facebook really matter that much? (said the facebook addict that is in denial of her own addiction)

We came up with a few clever ideas as I am not a fan of posting the u/s pic as an announcement. Not knocking it but just not my thing (probably because until recently I did not have an appreciation for the amazingness of u/s pics!) I'll be sure to post our announcement on here as well!

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  1. You look AMAZING bud! Can't wait to see your belly get bigger and to eventually meet these little babies!!!