Tuesday, May 28, 2013

26 weeks!

26 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shiz. amazing. our baby girls are 26 weeks old! 

All is going fantastic...I feel great other than being exhausted. 
Most days I feel HUGE which I am SO okay with as long as it means these babes are growing bigger and healthier. 

Meanwhile, Erin is getting more and more toned by the hour.

This week, they are the size of heads of lettuce.
Heartbeats have been varying between 140's and 160's. 

Both girls have been kicking like crazy the past week...ESP when Erin talks to them. She will ask for one to kick and sure enough - they start kicking. SO amazing.

Also, my niece, J, got to feel baby A kicking like CRAZY yesterday. Was beyond amazing to see her little face light up when she felt a kick...such an amazing kid @ almost 6 years old. I can picture it now - my 2 lil girls will worship her and follow her around nonstop. (not to mention they will be wearing her hand-me-downs :)

Babes have a check up this Friday...no u/s..just measurements of my bod and discussions with the doc about whats to come..I have my neurotic detailed list of questions to ask....fingers crossed I get cleared to head to the beach in June for a few days of fam, sun, and Kohr Brothers. 

I do wish we had an u/s this week so bad..no real reason why..just like getting to see them and selfishly - I LOVE hearing the u/s techs go on and on about how perfect our girls are and how healthy they look! and of course - getting 20 plus pics of our babes is always exciting. I finally stopped slacking and put together an albumn of all of our u/s pics started from the first pic on the day of our ET when they were just little blastocysts. I knew if I did not get on doing this NOW (pre-twins arrival), the u/s pics would live tucked in a book for the next few years then probs lost!

U/s every 2 weeks will be starting up soon to make sure both babies are on par with each other and with where they should be....prayers prayers prayers

I FINALLY finished up my last grad school paper...OH HAPPY DAY!

Now, focus is 10000% on these babes. Feet are up - Laying on my left side as much as possible (even right now as I type this, it is not as tough as I imagined) - veggies are being choked down - and focusing on another 3 months before these babes come. August 14th is a date that keeps sticking out in my mind...we'll see if that is when they actually arrive :)

Erin and I treated ourselves to an at-home-babymoon this past weekend....out of this world massages followed by some delic mexican food - I have always liked mexican food but now I am thinking about it first thing every morning - taco night will def be happening this week and I am pretty certain I can lure Erin to any mexican restaurant with the promise of a margarita, chips, salsa, and a burrito to share ;)

Doesn't get much better than this! 
and here are me and the babies at 26 weeks...I think I look tiny in this pic but that could be because it had been a solid 90 minutes since my last feeding time..and I still cannot shake the completly-awkward-creeper-smile.
The nursery is coming together as is organizing all of the clothes/toys/car seats/diaper bags/etc. Luckily, organizing is thrilling to me (nerd, I know) I'll post pics soon!

Erin has been working her ass off around the house...check out these landscaping skills...(and hi Tyson!)
Talk about amazing..well done, bubs!

I'll be back to update soon on our lil girls! Have a great week all

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