Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots to tell at 24 weeks!

Where have I been? Well, I'll tell you. 

I been busy as all hell. What have I been doing? Somedays I wonder wtf did I do? Others, its non-stop running. 

One thing I have NOT been doing is finishing up grad school - only a few papers stand between me and finishing up this Masters but still I procrastinate?? WTF - I am determined to get it done this week (unless something more exciting comes up - jk jk) Erin even threatened to keep my beloved chocolate chip cookies from me if I keep slacking - She will NOT keep that promise if she knows whats good for her. 

We got to enjoy a great Mother's Day this past weekend and spend time w/ our amazing Moms and families! So excited that next Mother's Day our lil girls will be crawling around, reeking havoc :)

This past Sunday marks our lil ones being 24 weeks old - SIX MONTHS!!! Holy hell. Getting BIIIGG. Over the next weeks the girls will be gaining weight (as will I) and working on getting their lungs stronger!!! Only 3ish more months to go. 

Getting bigger!!

and look at this skinny mama who has been doing so much manual labor around the house she is ripped! lil cutie
and a big thanks to my mom for expanding the girls wardrobe and making me swoon even more over the adorable-ness of lil girls clothes! Thanks Madre :) 
(I apologize for the neck cramp - this pic will not cooperate in rotating!)

and some big news from yesterday...Erin and I got up at 5am - toasted up some bagels for the car ride and headed up to NYC where we GOT MARRIED!!!!!!! 

Seeing as how we live in good ol' bass-ackwards PA where our marriage is still not recognized, we decided that before our girls arrive we wanted to get hitched in a state that would recognize us...not that we need the states approval - lord knows I disagree w/ about 80% of the political ideologies that PA stands for - however, for the girls, it would be nice for them to one day see on paper that they mommies are married - so on 5/13/13 we got hitched in Manhattan and are now legally married in 13 states!! Of course in a few years we are still having our big wedding here in PA with our families, friends and daughters :) 
Maybe by that time PA will get their shit together and stop living in the stone ages where I am pretty sure in some parts of this state, people think that being gay is an ailment..."I called out of work today on account of being gay" No joke - in Sweden in the 70's - being gay was a diagnosed sickness. Geniuses right there! I am regretting the hundreds of dollars we have spent at Ikea in the past few months supporting the Swedes. 

Steps off soapbox.

Anywho - yesterday was amazing....even with the hours of traffic and stressful time constraints and hours of waiting in lines...all so worth it to legally marry my lady! 

Stuck in Lincoln Tunnel aka the tunnel of doom traffic - but at least it was a sunny day :) We are both smiling despite the sun glare erasing half out faces.
My lady at one of our first stops..picking up our marriage license :) (sounds simple - okay you have the license...get hitched. Oh hell no - nothing in NY is that simple - don't forget about the judicial waivers...hours of lines still to wait in...overly friendly people paired with others who had the personality of a grumpy llama...being told to go to the wrong office a few times (and by accident each time we went to the divorce offices lol) 
More waiting....
 more pictures by a fancy NYC mural while waiting..(oh my belly - If I could do a back bend, I would look like a camel)
and a few shorts hours later - WE ARE MARRIED!!!
We popped in a Starbucks to grab some snacks and beverages for the ride home and sprinted back to see our families! 

and topped the day off with a champagne toast! (even I took 2 sips of 'pagne and did not ralph!)

5/13/13 - amazing day! 

How rad would it be if our ladies arrived on 8/13/13!? Exactly 3 months after we got hitched!  I'll allow them to arrive on the 13th but not a second sooner! They need to keep on cookin and I need to keep on eating! Which reminds me it's feeding time...off to inhale a bagel! 

We have another u/s this Friday to check on hour our lil ones are growing - I will be sure to update with pics and details after...Have a great week all!


  1. 5/13/13: best day EVER :) I love my wife :)

  2. WOW!! What an exciting and fun-filled post!! I am so happy for the two of you :) Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love this blog post :) I'm so happy for you both! Can't believe you are 6 months prego! Time sure flies! Yay babies!!