Thursday, May 23, 2013

25 weeks 4 days

Hey all...Here we are at 25 weeks 4 days! All going great..nothing unusual to report....I feel girls are kicking like crazy!

Last night, we took a boob class to learn more about breast feeding and specifically, about breast feeding twins...this is quite an undertaking however, I know we can do it. We will start pumping immediately if the babes are in the NICU and make breast feeding a huge focus of our lives. We got so much fantastic info and learned more than ever expected about nipples and milk ducts. 

Also, a hands free pumping bra exists? Sign me up. Thank god - for our neighbors sake - that we have blinds on almost all windows. There are children nearby after all. 

and since these babies are NOT coming out until 38 weeks we will definitely be delivering at Paoli which means we will have amazing lactation consultants by our side! 

Also, I have been realizing how close to the end of this pregnancy we are :( Hearing the instructor talk about how twins can come as early as 32 weeks really was a slap across the face...that is only 6 weeks away...TOO SOON. The girls need more cookin time than that. 
and to think that some babies come even before that 32 week mark..holy hell..terrifying. 

I'll say it again how much I am not ready! I love being prego and I am so not ready to not be prego anymore :( and mentally, I want to have a FULL third trimester to not only ensure the health of the babies but also get done everything still on the ever growing to-do list! 

While my Doc reports that all is good and we have nothing to worry about, of course I am worrying that there is something I should be doing - that I'm not doing - that could keep these babes cookin longer? A downside to being so OCD is reading TOO much online and then becoming over paranoid...sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I spoke to a friend who had twins 13 years ago and her doc had a protocol that once you hit 26 weeks - you're on modified bed rest - 16 hours a day on - mostly laying on your left side - and 8 hours a day off. You are on this schedule from 26 til 36 weeks at which time it is deemed "safer" to go into labor so you are allowed to resume your regular routine. 

While this plan is not feasible in some ways due to work, life, etc - I would LOVE to do it. The less stress I put on my bod, the more stress it can take from the babies. Simple as that. So sit down and shut up. (maybe yelling at myself will get me to listen?)

This plan does have some merit behind it as this Doc had some impressive stats with 90% of twin deliveries being post-36 weeks - amazing! We NEED to be in that group!

I think I'll do a modified-modified bed rest which means sitting down A LOT. Not running 24/7 and taking it easy as much as possible. Easier said than done but our 3rd trimester is quickly approaching - begins June 2nd - and if I want a full 12 week 3rd trimester, then I gotta do it! 

Doc appt next week so I'll be sure to annoy her with eight thousand questions ask her a few, non-neurotic questions about what I can do the next few months to help get these babies stronger.

Keep the prayers coming that we all don't get to meet these already amazing and loved baby girls until August 16th at the earliest!! 


  1. I think I need to have a little chat with the little Misses...if they come out the week of August 13-20 it will be perfect for me to get to meet them ASAP! You and Erin are doing so great!! Now, go sit down, have a few cookies and relax!!

  2. I really really REALLY hope you can take your advice and rest!!! Let me take care of things :) your shirts might be folded inside out but you'll get used to it :)

  3. Just try to relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy...however long that might be. Try to stay off the internet, that can be a crazy and scary place :) I'm sure that your Dr. would tell you if there is a need to worry :) Sending you many prayers and positive/calming thoughts.