Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chevron! Giraffes! Cookie Cake!

We were beyond spoiled this past weekend at our baby shower. It was an amazing feeling to be surrounded by so many amazing people - family and friends - who are already so in love with these two baby girls - cue pregnancy hormones and the tears.

The food was amazing.....and our hosts - shout out to Meg and Madre - went above and beyond. It was a perfect day and our baby girls were BEYOND spoiled. I am still organizing everything and probs will continue to organize and re-organize for the next 3 months nonstop. 

The headbands - OH EM GEE. So freaking cute. Car seats! High chairs! 

The most amazing outfits...tutu's, Minnie Mouse ears, TWO Sophie's for the girls to tote around and play keep away with Tyson as he is convinced anything that squeaks is his for the keeping. Even the burp cloths and tiny diapers make me swoon!

For a wishing well, they had all guest bring a book for the girls and write a little note in it - how amazing. Something that our girls can look at for years to come! I wish I could re-hug everyone and re-thank everyone who was there for being part of such an amazing day. and our reading nook is now complete with its own library!

I was so excited for this shower but at the same time, sad that it would soon be over...It is one of those days that I will want to relive again and again!!!

We also had an amazing friend taking photographs for us to document the day with some stellar pics! 

Photobomb ahead!

The adorable chevron and giraffe inspired decorations made by Meg's bff, Etsy...

Tribute to a family fav, White Christmas (cue all of us signing off-key..Sisters...Sisters...There were never such devoted Sisters...)

the grandmoms-to-be :)

amazing friends in town from all over...

 Look at all this loot - such spoiled girls!! and Tootie looking oh so dapper. 

so cute!

 more amazing friends...

and talk about DEEEELIC food and desserts!

and the talented sister, hostess, and soon to be godmother of one of our lil girls! 

Such an amazing is impossible to say thank you enough to everyone for such an amazing event...These lil girls are so lucky to be joining such a fantastic group of family and friends...3 more months and they will be here to be snuggled by all!

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  1. It was a perfect day bud! I can't wait to see the little girls in ther tu-tus and headbands! So cute!!