Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I knew this would happen....and Christmas...and 5 months

Even since the babes were born and I lost all sense of time, organization, and any sense of a "schedule" - I apparently now suck at blogging. I still have my zest to blog but unfortunately I also have 2 bosses (maybe 3 including Erin - probs more like 4 including Tyson) who are very demanding these days. So here I am,  scrambling to get together a blog that covers everything over the past month...your first Christmas!!! and YOU TURNED 5 MONTHS OLD!!!!

You are quite amazing these days my little ladies...You talk nonstop....you play all day long...and when you scream - WATCH OUT because you both can scream loud enough that Tyson goes and hides outside. Luckily, the screaming is short lived and usually within minutes, you're back to your smiling happy selves again.

You both are getting so strong and so BIG! Sawyer, you roll and flop all around the room!   Peyton, you can roll over but you're so laid back that you usually stay put wherever I put you - lucky me! 

We had a few snow storms the past few weeks so we have not been going out as much as we wanted to but we still are having great days at home snuggling..and what good snugglers you both are!

and having more at home gives me more opportunities to take embarrassing pictures of you....

In general just annoy the heck out of you everyday by taking pics nonstop....

I have been focusing on putting my iPhone down more so you don't grow up thinking that I look at it more than you ... and then you do something so unbelievably cute that I don't want to forget - so there I am shoving that iPhone in your face yet again. 

We have had lots of trips to the doc this past month..nothing too serious...colds, and maybe some allergy issues...

You both always keep on smiling!!! You pediatrician just loves you both and wants to eat you up - I can't blame her - You're delicious!!!!

Speaking of delicious...you both started eating oatmeal, fruits, and veggies this past week. I am convinced that you think that I am trying to poison you as you gag and glare at me with evil eyes...Peyton you are getting the hang of it...Sawyer, you still think I am trying to put hot peppers in your mouth.

and oh how cute you both are all bundled up for winter...

granted now it takes us an hour to get out the door as opposed to the 40 minutes it used to take us as by the time I wrestle one of you into boots, hat, and gloves...and move on to the next babe...the first one has some how kicked a boot across the room that now Tyson is using as a chew toy and it takes me 5 minutes to wrestle that boot away from him and in that 5 minutes one of you has spit up and gotten both socks off....its quite a show. You're keeping me on my toes! 

This coming week we have yoga and baby massage class that I know you are SO psyched for...you both have been practicing your stretches...

and just because I can't resist...Peyton.....

and that face is the reason why I eat you up!

Oh your first Christmas...AMAZING!! You two were spoiled by everyone that loves you so so much...and Mommy had a great time opening up ALL those gifts.

Teethers, adorable outfits, Minnie and Mickey stuffed animals, and seeing as how I am weeks late on this blog and my memory span is typically 4.5 seconds..I have forgotten most of your gifts..but nonetheless...I do remember that your first Christmas was amazing (and by amazing I mean stressful as all hell for Mommy but WELL worth it :)

You both LOVED eating wrapping paper...

Sawyer love - that pic of you and mama is one of my favorites ever....you both are so amazing! and right after that pic was taken you drank a full 6 oz bott without ANY screaming...you have never done that before...and have not done it since...WTF.

Today marks your 5 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  holy shit..you're 5 months old which means:

2) I should be in MUCH better shape that I am for having 5 month old babes.

3) I didn't think I could love anyone so much and I can't even imagine how much more I am going to love you in another 5 months...I may explode.

Sawyer - your personality is similar to mine. You know what you want when you want it and if you don't get it - WATCH OUT. Anytime you see me or Mama - you automatically smile - and not just your face..your whole body smiles...it is amazing! I kiss you all day long and you LOVE it. You kiss me right back and wrap those little hands around my face...AMAZING!!!! I love you more every second.

Peyton - your personality is much more like Mama's - laid back and generally happy (Mama made me say that - jk ;)
You are my smiling happy girl and you are so easy to please. I cannot thank you enough for that as some days Mommy feels like she may lose her shit if she hears another screaming babe!
You're amazing! You love being snuggled and you LOVE when I nibble your cheeks. I love you so so much.

I have so much more to write before I forget it all ... even though most of it is probably already gone but my bosses are calling me .... Happy 5 months my lil lovies...You amaze me everyday.


  1. Awwww I got a little teary eyed (shocker!). I can't believe they are 5 months old either! Time sure flies! They are too stinking cute and I want to eat them up , too!!

  2. awwwww LOVE!!!! happy 5 month anniversary lil ones.. Uncle Matty loves you!!