Saturday, February 1, 2014

Coordinating Cuties

In light of having more free time my body and brain getting used to much less sleep, I have more time to pick out amazing outfits for my minions. and oh how effin cute they are.

AND OH WHAT AN EFFIN PAIN PANTS ARE! You tug and tug and then have all this fabric around the ankle and the crotch is at the knees but you pulled the waist all the way up so now they look like they are wearing Hammer pants ... so by the time you get that babe situated - she usually spits up or poops so you just need to start over again....BUT they do look cute :)

Our staple is still one piece sleepers WITH feet because WTF is up with baby socks?? NONE OF THEM STAY ON!!! I have tried them all - Old Navy, Baby Gap, Trumpette, Ciroc...NOTHING STAYS ON! Granted, I have Peyton with long feet but skinny, skinny legs and she can pretty much shimmy herself out of anything and then I have Sawyer with a little chunk at the ankles but shorter feet so no socks fit correctly. Luckily, back in June (pre-babes when I still did things like plan ahead, shower, and eat) I ordered the girls Momos aka the most amazing little leather shoe ever that are tough for the babes to take off and they keep their socks on - AMAZING!!! 

So we are rockin the Momos daily and some pretty amazing lil outfits :)

Ruffle Bottom Pants Monday

Colorful Shirt Tuesday

White Shirt Wednesday

Track Suit Thursday

Warning about the next may break your heart and cause you to tear up. My little Pie got a little sad during our photo sesh

Fleece Pants Friday

and Polka Dot Saturday

Only one pic of Polka Dot Saturday as soon after the pic, Peyton pooped up to her armpits. 

Never a dull moment in the O'Donnell household!

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