Saturday, August 3, 2013

35 weeks 6 days

Almost at 36 weeks...such a great thing to be able to say seeing as how we were scared out of our minds that our lil ladies were coming at 32 weeks.

All has been calm around Mom's house the past week....NST on Thursday showed both girls doing amazing with stellar heartbeats. I have not been feeling Sawyer moving as much so the tech had me record every time I thought I felt her move which was not much but then she started kickin up a storm. She is in a position where I am just not feeling her as much but per the NST, she is strong and healthy! 
Every night we go to bed saying that tonight is THE night with clothes laid out and ready to bolt out the door. and all night every night, I am waking up every hour-ish thinking I am bleeding or with wicked heartburn and thinking its go time but thank baby jeebus, the girls are still cookin! 

I am missing my home so much - wish I could be home to clean and get all set up for the girls arrival  - everything is "ready" -just with my OCD ways, I could get it MORE ready. 

I feel so lucky at how many people have reached out to share their own pregnancy stories as well as offer up advice/reassurance on ours. Thank you all!!! It really is an amazing journey we all have been on/are on! 
and ESP thankful for all the visits that are keeping us sane in these weeks of waiting! 

Monday is a big day w/ an U/S to check growth and fluid levels, followed by an NST, followed by an OB appt...we just know that Monday is THE day. (just as we have said every day that it is THE day) sooooo....we will see!! 

I am praying that both girls are at least 6lbs! It would be freakin amazing if our lil ladies arrived at over 6lbs which means they most likely will be able to regulate their own body temps as well as be strong enough to master the suck/swallow/breathe to alleviate the need for any feeding tubes.

Keep the prayers coming that we can make it just a bit longer!!!  

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  1. Sounds like you're doing great! So happy for you and your family! Can already tell those girls are loved to the moon and back!! Prayers that everything goes as smoothly as possible!! Can't wait to hear the good news!!