Monday, August 5, 2013

Ultrasound, NST, and OB appt @ 36 weeks 1 day


and THANKFULLY - it was filled with good news :)

We started w/ our u/s which was great...these girls look HUGE on the screen compared to our first amazing.

Peyton is weighing in at 6lbs 11oz which is ahead of the curve even for a singleton and Sawyer is checking in at 5lbs 7oz which is still in the normal range for a singleton. 

Our lil Soy Bean decided to be stubborn and stay in a position where it was almost impossible for the tech or the doc to get an accurate read on her size. I did some flopping around on the table per the docs orders in hopes of getting her to move but she was just too content and happy to flip around. She is laying on her left side (just like her Mommy has been :) facing Peyton which makes it very difficult to get an accurate read on her belly circumference (which is how they determine the weight of a baby who is still in-utero) so basically, the smallest weight she could be is the 5lbs 7oz read we got today...but they do feel strongly that she may be bigger. 
There is no doubt that she is definitely smaller than our lil Pei Wei but still at an impressive size. The doc did express concern over the size difference between our 2 ladies (18% difference) but reassured us that the measurement of Sawyer is not the most reliable and either way - they both look strong and healthy.

The u/s doc who we saw today is amazing and by far my favorite out of the group. She asked me when I wanted to deliver these babies and Erin was quick to chime in 'TODAY!' The doc agreed that it is close to go time based on their size/lung development/and that they are running out of room. The u/s doc knew we had an appt later in the day to see our OB so she agreed to report back to the OB on the u/s and NST results as well as her recommendation for delivery date. 

Also - good news for me - and my mental state - I mentioned to the doc that over the past weeks, I have not felt Sawyer moving as much as Peyton and she explained why...She moved the u/s over Peyton who is directly up against my stomach wall....Then in moving over to Sawyer - who is much higher and breeched - you could see the placenta in between where Sawyer kicks and punches and my abdomen wall. She has her own lil punching bag and also provides explanation as to why I am not feeling her as much...thank baby jeebus. Now I don't have to be so obsessive and neurotic over not feeling her as much...suuuuuuureeee. That SHOULD make a difference but I know I will still be checking her HB a few times a day with our doppler. 

Peyton's foot is still wedged over Sawyer's head which explains the non-stop rib pain I have had for weeks. Sawyer isn't letting her get away with it as Sawyer currently has her bum placed directly on Peyton's head. 

Here's Erin at our u/s with a perfect pic of Sawyer's lil profile...Peyton was not in the mood to get her pic taken today and kept moving around whenever the tech tried to snap a pic..

We then went right over for our NST. We spent the time feverishly texting updates on the u/s and we were not paying as close attention to the NST as we usually do (typically its made up of me drilling Erin to report back on both of their heart-rates every 3-5 seconds as seeing the screen from a reclined position can be tough) and before we knew it - our lil ladies passed the NST with flying colors - Both HB's are perfect and accelerations were amazing! 

We came home for a bit and I grabbed a few zzzzz's with the pup...Thanks to these lil ladies and my neurotic worrying that something is constantly wrong, I am barely sleeping at night but these day time naps are stellar - better take advantage while I can as a nap won't be happening again for another 10 years at least.

A bit later - off we went to see our OB - I have not gained any weight the past week which is shocking as all hell looking at how much food I am inhaling daily (apologies to Mom for the increased grocery bill!) but hopefully that means that our lil Sawyer has gained more weight then the u/s showed. 

Our OB had spoken to the doc in u/s and was in agreement that early next week was the right time to deliver our lil ladies...soooo we are scheduled for 10am Monday morning for the arrival of our lil ladies....8/12/13 will be our lil ones birth date :) (pending of course that they behave over the next 7 days and stay put!) 

Of course, we think now that we have our scheduled c-section date - I should say our realistic scheduled c-section date as our prior date of 8/22 was ridiculous and unattainable from the beginning! Although, I will be surprised and beyond appreciative to my lil girls WHEN we make it to 8/12/13 - way to go lil ladies....37 weeks would be an amazing accomplishment! I'll have to get them a reward for being such rock star lil fetuses in-utero - maybe a pony. 

On average twins arrive at 35 weeks...with MANY coming way earlier requiring major interventions...It appears to the docs that our girls will require minimal interventions - main concerns being: maintaining body temp, being able to master the suck/swallow/breathe, and being able to maintain a healthy oxygen level on their own. Luckily, both of their lungs look strong and ready for the outside world. Peyton looks like she will be okay on all accounts while Sawyer brings some concern for feeding and body temp but seeing as how we do not know her exact weight - this could bump her up into the same category as Peyton - praying that is the case!!!!!

Anywho - having a schedule date that is only 7 short days away we are convinced that SOMETHING unexpected will happen and these girls will throw us for a loop and show up even sooner....okay by me as long as they don't pull any major bleeding, no abruptions...water breaking is just fine...or labor kicking into high gear is just fine as well...just keep it simple and NO 2am emergency trips to L&D would be GREATLY appreciated! 

It really pisses Tyson off when we rush out of the house in a frenzy and seeing as how he is already about to be dethroned we are trying to not piss him off even more, so let's keep things calm.

Tyson has been having a great time at Memom's barking at all the neighborhood dogs and visiting his dachshund friend across the street. Having both his Mommies home with him pretty much nonstop (except for when we leave for doc appts - so selfish of us not to bring him with us, I know) means a very happy and content pup!

Here's the girls at 36 weeks!

It is CRAZY to think that in just a week we will be posting pics of our lil ones!!!!!! Realistically, that post may not come for months due to exhaustion/forgetfulness/loss of sanity but none-the-less, in such a short time they will be here!!!

Once again, pardon the outfit repetitions but I am SO far past the point of caring that I wear the same 3 outfits. 
I actually am worried about what I am going to wear once I am not prego. Thinking back on my non-maternity wardrobe - I think it totally sucks - and not to mention may be too small still for a bit which totally gives me permission to shop, right? and besides, skinny-in-shape-Erin will appreciate all my hand-me-downs...a good amount of them I swiped from her years back anyway.

Keep the prayers coming that all stays calm and IF these ladies decide to show up earlier, that it happens without any major complications or alarms going off! NST again on Thursday to be sure that the girls are still healthy and comfy in their little water beds aaaannnddd THEN our lil girls arrival on Monday. I'll do my best to stay sane and as non-neurotic as possible until then.


  1. I love reading your blog! I sat here reading with a huge smile on my face :) I cannot wait to meet these little ladies who already seem to have such big personalities!! They are already so loved! Tell Tyson Ferdinand he is always welcome to come play with Jax if he needs a break from the babies ;) I wish you and Erin a restful, relaxing and peaceful last week as just the 2 of you....and an easy, safe delivery. Love you both!! xoxo

  2. Mel and Erin, this is so exciting! We are so happy for both of you and can't wait to meet these ladies!!!! You both are so amazing and will be the best Moms to these little ones, we love you! Take in every moment of this next week as your lives are about to change forever in the best way. Lots of love to both of you and P&S <3

  3. Oh my goodness! It's time!! You are at the hospital now and these little princesses should be here soon!! I can't wait to meet them! You will both be amazing mommas!!! Love you ladies!