Friday, August 23, 2013


This world of Mommy bloggers is quite populous....with MANY talented writers that beyond impress me not only with their writing skills but by the simple fact that they find/make time to write. 

How the eff do you find time to not only turn on the computer but to compile your thoughts into cohesive sentences and write a semi-intellecutal and entertaining post? 
I struggle to find time to shower everyday - let alone any recreational activities like blogging...or eating.

I am sitting here with my minions snoozing nearby - praying for 5 more seconds of quiet before the lil soy bean needs to be hooked up to the boob for the 15th time today so that I can quickly edit and post this. 
and of course - the delivery man came and Tyson went ape shit so now the girls are wiiiide awake. 

With that being said, being a Mommy is freakin AMAZING. These two lil nuggets are amazing...I am always tired and in desperate need of a haircut as well as a wardrobe upgrade as most days are spent topless as all I do is nurse and pump...and I would not change any of it for a second. We are so lucky....euphoria - paired with sleep deprivation - is definitely the theme of our days.

To my Peyton and Sawyer.....


I know I am biased but come on...look at these beautiful lil girls! 

I have so much more I want to blog about from their delivery - and all the gory details -  to our first days in the the amazingness that is Mommyhood...I'll get around to it eventually....I figure I'll aim to have all these posts done by their 5th birthday...unless I decide to shower daily - then I'll push back my deadline til their 8th birthday - unless I also decide to pee at least 3 times daily...then forget it all together as there is just no time! 

Time to get back to my nuggets :)

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  1. You are both doing an amazing job as mommies! Your girls are so loved and so beautiful!

    PS- you best find time to eat, too! I will make you 100 turkey balls a week if needed :) Love you bud! Xo