Friday, January 18, 2013

superhuman strength

I don't post on here too often, this blog is mostly Mel's "baby". After the week we have had, I feel compelled to write about it and to recognize the amazing strength Mel has had this week.Mel was on bed rest going into last weekend, and on Saturday things took a unexpected turn. Mel began to have excruciating pain in her right side, the same thing that happened a month ago. I won't get into the terrible details, but we were in and out of the hospital, Doctors office, ER for 5 days. Mel didn't sleep for almost 4 days, she could barely move, couldn't eat or drink without getting terribly sick. I have never seen someone in so much pain. I got to a point where I could hardly take her pain anymore. It was one of the toughest weeks I have ever experienced. I must say, going through this, I learned a lot.

1. Mel is the strongest person i know. She made it through this, she handled the pain and uncertainty and fear with such courage. I am so lucky to have such a strong partner. I now know she can get through anything. For most of the week, we didn't even know what was causing this, if she might need surgery, if the babies would be okay, but she kept trucking, minute by minute and hour by hour.

2. I will never take being healthy for granted again. Every morning that I wake up feeling healthy, able to get out of bed and walk around, get in my car, and go to work/school/the grocery store, i will be thankful for it. I have been blessed to have such a healthy life, and i will be thankful for every minute that Mel and the babies are healthy and happy.

3. We are really a family. Mel has obviously been my family for years now, but going through a struggle like this really makes you see your life in a different way. We have created an amazing life for ourselves and we are so lucky to be bringing two healthy wonderful children into our family. Mel and these babies are the most important thing in my life without a doubt, and i am so happy to spend the rest of my life looking after them and doing all I can to make their lives better. I feel like i have more purpose than I ever have before, and i'm so grateful for that.

Thank god Mel is feeling a lot better today than before. I'm hoping with rest she will be back to 100% soon. on another note, out of nowhere she has a little belly now! its hard as a rock, its amazing how cute she looks. I'm looking forward to every day of her pregnancy until our bambinos get here!

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