Wednesday, January 9, 2013

6.5 weeks!

Today's appt went fantastic!!!!! Our lil ones are measuring 5.5 and 6mm and are on track for DUE DATE: September 1st!!!!
Still early so LOTS of hoping and prayers still needed but Doc was VERY impressed at the heartbeats and informed us that our miscarry chances are now below 5% OH HELL YES!!!! How effin lucky are we!??! 

Also, we got the green light to stop the prog oil shots THANK GOD as my ass is killing me and move to the prog in cream form (Crinone) which is much easier and now we can avoid those 7am alarms on the weekend to do the shot. Our days of sleeping in are numbered (which is a good thing :) so we are taking FULL advantage! Not to mention these lil ones are sucking all of my energy out of me..... I could nap for 3 hours everyday if life allowed...All MORE than worth it to meet our lil ones someday soon :)

I think I may have abused :)'s in this post but it is just one of those days :)

Here are our lil ones :) Can't wait to see how big they will get by next week!!!! 

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  1. I bet everyone can tell which one is squishy and which one is beanie :-)