Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big raspberries

Our lil bambinos are growing! 
20 mm each - the size of big raspberries - growing right on schedule for our due date at the end of this summer.
Heartbeats are perfect!

We really are so lucky to still have these weekly check ups on our lil ones. It is so reassuring to see them and their heartbeats and hear the u/s tech marvel at how well they are doing!
Esp when I have those days where I wake up and do not "feel" pregnant...I still pee on a stick to be sure and spend my time counting down the days to our next appt! 

We are still beyond elated and cannot even put into words how amazing this is!!!!!!

Here they are - Squishy on the top - Beanie on the bottom.

I have all of our photos together - starting with our blastocysts photos all the way up through every doc appt and ER visit and emergency doc visit and it really is amazing to see how these lil ones have grown! I'll have to post the timeline sooner or later..maybe once we hit 12 weeks and our visits are less frequent.

We are proceeding with taking care of G on hospice...such a sad and hard time this is....prayers prayers prayers....

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