Friday, January 18, 2013

BACK! I hope for good....

I don't even know if I have words for Erin's post below...through tears - slightly hysterical I believe due to exhaustion paired with 6 days of narcotics and pain .. Such a roller coaster this journey continues to be. She has been beyond words amazing the past week.....I still do not think I can put into words my gratitude and non-stop appreciation, thanks, and love for her. 

Most importantly, our bambinos are doing great. They are growing and each day we have seen their heartbeats. We have gotten more pics each time and I will be sure to get them up here sometime soon.  

We now have another 5 days before our next u/s and the wait, as usual, is killer. 

It has been finally concluded that it is severe OHSS which I have speculated for the past month but was never sure as we were never given an exact answer. This past week, after days of pain and honestly, torture, I called my obgyn and asked for his help. He was more than willing to reach out to my RE and attempt to help. I truly believe that this nudge from my OB is what kicked my RE into full steam and truly caused him to step up and help us. We could not take the pain anymore...It was too much. 

We now have some answers and medications to help with the next few weeks in hopes that all heals up and goes down quickly. 

Praying the u/s Wednesday will show not only 2 strong, healthy babies.

I still feel sick as all hell. The pain is manageable and under control and I am constantly decreasing my dosage which I find reassuring as it is putting less into my bod that could possibly hurt the babies - even though the docs reassure me that none of these meds can hurt them - and also as some slight reassurance that the OHSS is going down and perhaps soon, will be gone. I am trying to get back to normal. Today 15 minutes of light cleaning put me on my ass for 2 hours. 
and typically, I like to clean and can do it for 4 hours no problem but my bod is not what it should be right now...

We do have a small baby bump that has appeared the past few days. I am contributing in part to the swelling that OHSS can cause but the lil bump is mostly our bambinos growing so strong!!

I hope to be back sooner rather than later. Until then praying and hoping nonstop!

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