Friday, January 11, 2013


Another bump on this roller coaster journey is upon us....

I had some bleeding last night and this morning so off to the doc I went today for an u/s. 

The tech saw an area that was bleeding in my uterus which describes the bleeding I was having. We looked at both babies and they both look great - strong lil heartbeats and measuring at 7mm. This bleeding area was not there in my u/s that I just had 2 days ago....

Talked with the doc and he put me on strict bed rest until Monday morning when I am back in his office for another u/s. He really could not say what is causing this bleeding. He said that seeing as how our babies have met all of their mile stones - heartbeat, size, etc - that a miscarriage is unlikely but I must stay on bed rest and follow his orders to make sure nothing happens. 

This is beyond effin scary. I don't know how I could NOT worry and think about these bambinos nonstop for the next 60 hours until our appt. Having no control over my bambinos is torture....I wish there was something..anything that I could do to make sure they keep thriving.....of course bed rest is one thing I can do and will do for the next few days but this truly is terrible. I wish this feeling on no one. 

Even though our babies are young, I am over my head and heart in love with them....I want nothing more than to keep them both safe and healthy for the next 9 months and then for the rest of their lives...

Many, many prayers needed for these two lil loves.

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