Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nap strike day 2

Naps yesterday started out normal. Both nugs will fill bellies, clean diapers, snuggles and into cribs they went.

Off to dreamland Peyton went
Then a few minutes later after some serious convos with her giraffe, Sawyer went off to sleep as well 

Mommy bliss mode starts - I get to pee, eat, and clean up without 4 hands grabbing at me 

For 22 minutes - then my little on strike napper begins to yell 

Up I go and toss her into my bed and she snuggles back to dreamland 

Now I could careless where my girls sleep as long as they sleep so they are welcome in my bed at anytime  as long as they sleep 

My little Pie is getting smarter each day and even in her sleepy state she recalled at frugal attempts to exit the room once she was asleep so the sleeping death grip on my hand was locked into place 

I'd cut off of my before waking this perfect sleeping babe so I was forced to relax for 25 minutes. It was amazing 

Now today, an hour and 20 minutes into nap time my Peyton was up and sometimes her and Sawyer only nap for an hour so I go up and expect her to be up for the afternoon but her sleep eyes told me she needed something else ...

So here we are. All snuggled in mommies bed again 

Yay for sleep! 

I really wish Sawyer was snuggling with us ... I'd love to go in and scoop her up and have her fall right back to sleep next to me but we all know that is an impossible feat and I'm pretty sure I'd get my mommy card revoked if I woke
a sleeping toddler for the sole purpose of wanting snuggles. 
But I miss this little face ...

Back to relaxing with my Pie :)

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