Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Well, we got sick. Yet again.  And again 

Colds, ear infections, random puking, sleepless nights and with all that happening - this blog went to shit. 

But really everything I did for the past 2 weeks was summed up in the first 2 lines of this post so that's really all the catching up I have to do! 

I hope we are on the mend and that we can get through the rest of this winter season with minimal illnesses (puking toddlers I'm pretty sure is one of the 7 layers of hell)

Despite being sick and cranky - they nuggets get cuter and more creative with each day! 

One day this week it was freezing out but with the sunshine it felt somewhat warm so we bundled up and walked a few blocks - we pet puppies and ate snow and probs only ate a tiny bit of dirty as we dissected those melting snow piles - I'm sure dirt is organic and somewhat healthy, right?

I brought my phone to take pics of you two strolling around town but I obviously was having a complete dumbass moment by thinking I would even have a few hand to take a pic - nevertheless, you both were adorable! 

Here you are bundled up ready for a quick stroll to get mommy some much needed caffeine ... 

Little baby leopards with ruffle butts - doesn't get much cuter than that right there! 

Sawyer was trying to spring Peyton from the stroller during one of our 5 doc appts in the past few weeks....and both nugs were extremely happy that I let them have binks outside of their cribs .... But when babes are sick they can pretty much do whatever they want. 

Now let's stay healthy girls - and keep on being your amazing selves!

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