Monday, February 23, 2015

Nap strike

My little Peyton has decided she doesn't need to nap today   

I have decided that she doesn't get to make this decision until she is at least 5 years old.  Naps are needed. 

I succombed after countless attempts to get her to sleep in her crib and pulled her into my bed and off to dream land she goes. I have attempted to slink away 87 times so far but she is a wise little nugget even in her sleep and can tell I am leaving so she pops up and waves hi. If I lay back down, she goes right back to sleep. I cannot believe an 18 month old can manipulate and control me. (I totally can believe it and I admit it daily that they own me but I feel obligated to show some sense of astonishment at just how badly they own me? Right?!) 

I cannot turn off my brain and just relax as I keep thinking about the frozen spinach I have defrosting downstairs to make spinach burgers and if I don't make them now then I won't get to make them until after the girls go to bed and then what will we eat for dinner? 

And I have a gigantic load of laundry to fold that has been fluffed up in the dryer 4 times now but I have yet to empty it.  

Also - is the back door open? Is Tyson outside? Does Tyson even live here anymore?  

And I really need to submit that receipt to our flex spend account for insurance and oh I need to schedule the girls 24 month check ups - omg they are almost 2 

Brain ..... SHUT UP!!

Okay I'm done now ....  Going to stare at this beautiful, perfect little human I created who is snoozing next to me 

Ps - the second I put my phone down and started swooning over my sleeping Peyton ....  I hear Sawyer wake up over the monitor and just like that my "break" is over 😊 it's okay - totally worth it to have these two nuggets by my side 24/7

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