Friday, February 13, 2015


Cindy Crawford did a photoshoot this week for Marie Claire that was not airbrushed at all   Props to her. She's gorgeous without photoshop and her body still looks amazing. 

This got me thinking how so many moms are sprinting to the gym immediately after deliver to get their pre-baby body back and that really makes me sad. Whether the need to get that pre-baby body back is self inflicted or pushed upon you by society - either way, it sucks. 

Maybe I am just lazy - but I have no desire to get my pre-baby body back. 

My life with never be pre-baby again, so why should my body be?

My day to day, minute to minute, second to second will never be pre-baby again so why should my body be? 

Granted my clothes may still fit but they fit very differently to the point that I may not want to wear them - but my home is now full - of babes laughing and screaming and crying and playing and crumbs and boogies and puke so why should my mind be worried about or focused on my pre-baby body when my life is so far from pre-baby? 

and someday, I want my girls to know that this body was lucky enough to carry them, grow them, and nurture them for 36 weeks and 3 days so why would I want to change that? Or erase that it ever happened? 

Granted my pre-baby body probably could not sustain on this lifestyle that I lead of eating when I am lucky enough to shove in a few bites, sleeping in 35 minute increments - all night, every night- so major props to my post-baby body for sustaining this far. We got a ways to go...and I know we got this ;)

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