Sunday, March 15, 2015

Things to never forget....

There are so many things I have forgotten already on this journey of motherhood...and I am only 19 months in! I cannot even fathom how many things I am going to forget as the days, months, and years pass by...I am sad already at the thought of forgetting all of my girls little -isms that make my heart swell everyday...

just a few... are so tough on Sawyer love to boss her around...other times, you are the sweetest sister to her. When Sawyer is upset and throws a toy out of sprint to pick up that toy and give it back to her. Most times - she is still angry and just throws it again..but you're right there to pass it back to her again to try and make her feel better. You are amazing. are such a little snuggler..when you lay on me your entire little bod relaxes and I just feel you snuggle in. You take your hands and tuck them down under your belly and snuggle into my neck..I want you to do this forever. It is the sweetest feeling in the whole world.

Both of you LOVE sitting in my lap. I cross my legs and you both fight over who gets to sit there. We take turns and you both get ample time to snuggle in ..sometimes you stay until you're done drinking your milk..sometimes you stay for 30 is amazing. I hope you always want to snuggle in with me.

that oh so sweet baby smell...after I tuck you two in for the night and mama and I get some time to relax, I always go back in your rooms and give you another good night kiss and make sure your all snuggled in. The second I open the doors to each of your rooms I am hit with this warm, sweet baby smell ... a smell I dream about when I am not with you. It is the most amazing smell in the world...I'd bottle it up if I could. 

I could go on and on but per the usual..I must run and prep for our after 'tasks' of painting the porch with water and paint brushes...and blowing bubbles.. love you my lovies! 

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