Sunday, December 9, 2012


Retrieval went PERFECT on Saturday...It gives me so much hope that we are in such capable, caring hands of our doc and nurses..they are all so amazing...

The actual retrieval was quick and amusing...I remember going under anesthesia talking to the anesthesiologist about martinis and that is the extent of my memory! Apparently, we discussed martinis and margaritas and I woke up 30 mins later talking to my pup who obvi was no where around...We all got a good laugh at my drugged self and I took a quick snooze then was good to go for the rest of the day. 

15 eggs retrieved

Found out today that 9 of the 15 are mature eggs

the 9 have been fertilized! 

Now the waiting...wishing..and hoping...

The lab calls everyday with an update ... I WISH it could be a hourly update - as unrealistic as that is...I just cannot stop worrying and wishing and hoping..I know I sound like a broken record...This is just consuming me! 

I feel some pain/discomfort today but nothing terrible...absolutely 100000% worth it for our lil bambino to join us hopefully someday VERY soon. 

We have started our progesterone oil shots..which the wifey is doing perfectly! Almost no pain at lucky to have someone who is willing to stick me numerous times a day with a needle esp when she typically faints during conversations that focus on medical procedures :)

Keeping on the wishing and hoping...NONSTOP! 

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