Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 8

More blood work and another u/s this morning....all moving along big news yet as I will not know our next step until they get the results of my blood work this afternoon but the nurse is thinking that we will HCG trigger tonight...and have egg retrieval Saturday. However, if that is not the case then, I'll head back to the office tomorrow for more blood work and another u/s and trigger tomorrow night with retrieval Sunday...So much info!! 

I really think that one highlight of being over anal (as I am) is that when you go through IVF, you have EVERYTHING written down and organized...if I wasn't so anal, I probs would be giving myself intra-muscular shots when I was supposed to be doing subcutaneous or messing up in one way or the other! 

I am stressing about the 'what-ifs' of the egg retrieval. What if there are not any eggs? My follicles look amazing (per the u/s tech) but that is no guarantee. 
We have had 4 failed IUI's that were timed perfectly...what if something is wrong with me and that is why they didn't work? 
Doc assures me all is okay...but I cannot help but worry...I want the retrieval to get here just so I can stop worrying about egg quality!!

We have a wedding Saturday night and even though that is close to retrieval, the nurse gave me permission to have a few beverages..I am HOPING that these will be my last beverages for a WHILE...hopefully about 9 months ;)

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