Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blood work & worrying.

Bright and early this a.m. I was off to get blood work taken. Completely unrelated to the hospital stay this past week...This was scheduled to check progesterone and estrogen levels.

I got to chat w/ one of our awesome nurses @ MLF who assured me that none of the events from this past week could affect our embryos...I effin hope she is right. She really thinks the pain was caused from bleeding in the right ovary as a result of the retrieval the prior Saturday. I do not care what the cause and I will go through it again if needed as long as this cycle is a success.....

Trying not to worry but it is impossible not to. Luckily, I have been pain free since Saturday evening and taking NO pain meds. 

Fingers crossed nonstop. It would be such an amazing Christmas blessing to have this be our month. 

Deep breath. 

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