Wednesday, December 12, 2012

4 day old embryos

Well our lil embies are 4 days old. 

UNFORTUNATELY, our embryologist does not give a day 4 update...I wish I could call and just find out what is going on but they told me yesterday they like to let them rest from the end of day 3 to day 5 so I'll stay busy...and try to stop thinking and worrying...but thats pretty much impossible.....

We are heading in tomorrow at 10:30 then 24 hours of bed rest... then a busy effin weekend which I am thankful for so I STOP WORRYING....It is out of our control now...all we can do is keep up on our meds, eat healthy, get lots of sleep, and hope hope hope and pray pray pray that this will be successful. 

Erin and I have both been guilty of reading TOO much online...the mix of horror and success stories is astounding.

Never before hoped for something so much...sounding like a broken record I know....Hoping and wishing nonstop.

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