Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moving along....

Back at doc again today! I had my lil dude in tow which of course adds excitement paired w/ stress to the trip! He snoozed for a lil bit of the appt then woke up and was in a MOOD. Lil man screamed, cried, grunted, pooped, screamed some more. Luckily, the nurses at MLF are amazing and kept him entertained while I was in the stirrups. 

All is moving along QUICKLY! We are on day 7 of injections and doc thinks that egg retrieval will be this weekend. 

Thus far, we have approx 17 follies....all measuring b/t 10 and 20....They want me back again tomorrow for another u/s and more blood work then back again friday as well with egg retrieval Saturday or Sunday.....then 3-5 days until implantation.

Of course I am stressing about one thing...IF we have a Saturday retrieval....and IF it is a 3 day wait before implantation - that means it will be implantation on Tuesday which I cannot do! Tuesday I have 3 papers due and a presentation at 430pm that I CANNOT miss.....Granted I am stressing off of a lot of unknowns and what if's...I'll just keep hoping that implantation is any day but Tuesday...then of course, keep hoping that it works and we find out we are pregnant in the next few weeks!! 

All will work out....Positive thinking and positive vibes nonstop! Deep breath.

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