Monday, November 12, 2012


Appointment yesterday went great! Still a bit early - LH was at 11.2  - typically ovulation begins when LH is around a 12 so tomorrow is the day! 
Acupuncture appointment tonight and will be having broc with dinner and surprisingly I am still not sick of it.

Even if there is no major scientific evidence to support that broc or any of these fertility boosting foods that I have been ingesting really help with the success of IUI's - It helps me feel better about it and has caused me to be more conscious about what I am putting into my bod  .... doing everything with our bambino in mind :)

We have discussed further our options if this IUI does not work and have decided that we will move onto IVF. We are beyond lucky and our insurance will cover 4 IVFs. Obvi we still will have to buy our sperm but insurance stepping in is making a HUGE difference. They also cover IUI's so this IUI will be covered. 
While our financial situation does not dictate this journey we are on, it helps out a great deal to not have to be as concerned about money.

Outside of doc appts we are loving life and having a great time....we keep imagining that maybe this NYE we will just hang at home as we will be prego...or how maybe we will be able to give everyone a Christmas surprise of telling them we are seems like a dream that someday soon we may be able to do that....

I feel different this IUI. Not sure why but the wifey agreed that she did too...maybe over optimistic? maybe just thinking positive! or maybe this is OUR TURN!


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