Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laughter tears

Our first injection went perfect. The wifey did amazing - obvi had some nerves over hurting me which resulted in nonstop laughter and laughter tears throughout the entire experience - was amazing. I would post the vid but it is on the wifeys phone - I'll get it up eventually. 

Back to the doc tomorrow! Then probably again early next week...I still need to figure out this whole work situation with having doc appts every other day...

We are off to get our Christmas tree tonight...Such a great time of year this is..I LOVE it..the only thing that would make it perfect is having a bambino to share our lives with..... but for now we will enjoy hoodies, snow, winter beers, smuggling...not to mention the abundance of weekend trips we have planned to see the Rocketts, the Nutcracker - all plans are pending our IVF cycle which we will not know definitely until we get further into this cycle but if we have to miss anything - it will be well worth it on this journey towards meeting our bambino.

and I am sure a snowboarding trip in there at some point but HOPEFULLY I will be sidelined this can dream :) 

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