Monday, November 19, 2012

6 days post-IUI #4

Per the usual, this 2ww feels like the LONGEST 2 weeks of our lives. Thankfully we have been overly busy w/ work, school, travels to see friends and family that while that 'what-if' is always on our minds, we have been doing great at keeping busy and keeping the stress down!

Erin still swears this time is it...and I want to agree w/ her so much! I just do not know...maybe after the past 3 failed IUI's it is hard to muster up that much hope? I feel completely normal - which I know is no indication of if it was success or not but I wish there was some sign that could happen to give me a hint of the outcome - whether it be negative or positive. 

I have been exhausted lately which I blame on the fact that I decided to work on 2 Masters degrees at once and take on 4 classes plus work plus life but I LOVE it.

We keep talking about what an amazing journey we are on and so lucky we are to have each other on this journey...

I am beyond lucky. 

Here's to hoping for a BFP this month!!! 

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