Tuesday, November 27, 2012


To start off I have to reiterate that I am loving that we are on this journey of making our bambino..it still feels surreal at times. Every day I think about the day when we will meet our bambino and begin our journey as parents. 

I am lucky that I work part time while I am working on my Masters full time so my schedule is some-what flexible. And by flexible, I mean I usually have Fridays off and typically my cycle has put me in the doc on Fridays so it has been easy. Now, with IVF, all that will change and I still don't know how I am going to balance work and doc appts every other day but deep breath - it will all work out. 

I can not fathom being on this journey while working full time. It feels as if everyday there are appointments!!!! Whether its a doc appt for blood work and u/s, or an appt at Quest for blood work and a pee test, getting scripts filled, phone calls weekly to our insurance and prescription company. I cannot imagine making these calls from an office, sitting in my cubicle, talking on the phone about what cycle day I am on and how the hormones are giving me hot flashes and the huge injection needle that needs to get administered into my butt tonight. It is NONSTOP!

Luckily, my extreme anil-ness allows me to successfully get everything done and keep organized but crap - it is a lot!

Another addendum...how the heck does anyone pee in that little cup without peeing on their hand? I am becoming a seasoned veteran at this and still cannot master the skill. 

This is all worth it to one day meet our amazing, lil bambino :)

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