Wednesday, November 14, 2012


2 days into IUI #4 2ww and feeling great...keeping hopes high and positive thoughts nonstop!!

Tomorrow we are going for our IVF orientation JUST IN CASE...

Going tomorrow for orientation will mean that we will be ready to take our first IVF attempt next month, if needed. We will be meeting w/ a nurse and given a tour of the facility and have blood work taken, etc etc. Should be a great experience to learn so much about a practice that my info is very limited on.

It still seems surreal that we are on this journey...I think back to our first appointment with our fertility doc and it feels like years ago...when really it was just about 6 months ago..but still we have learned so much in the past 6 months and grown so much...We have dreamed of it being our month..and hopefully this month is it!!

We are going away next weekend for our anniversary and we will find out if this IUI took the day we are leaving ... fingers crossed we will be celebrating!!! 

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