Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 1

Our appt yesterday was fantastic! We had the most amazing IVF nurse break down all of our injections for us - THANK JEEBUS because all the mixing and injecting definitely would have had my confused if it wasn't for this appt. 

We also had our first IVF u/s. I was on cycle day 1 and the nurse was happy w/ what she saw! We will be back again on Friday (cycle day 4) for u/s and blood work. 

She also asked what our history was and we explained 4 unsuccessful IUI's, clomid, ovidrel, etc and she told us that it can be very difficult to ever get prego on clomid with the IUI success rates being so low. We told her how we discussed moving to IUI w/ injectables but decided to come right to IVF since it has such higher success rates. She loved and agreed w/ our decision 100% which is beyond comforting as this IVF journey is INTENSE! 

Even though we have been patients at our fertility clinic for months now, IVF is a complete different ball game. Different nurses...different schedules.... ALL are wonderful - just an adjustment to make. I will miss my IUI nurses! 

and we're off!!! This is OUR month :))

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