Tuesday, November 13, 2012


IUI #4 went off flawlessly! Timing was perfect and I was ovulating per what the ultrasound showed as we were in the office. Major props to our fertility doc for keeping such a close eye on us. The past 3 IUI's have been timed perfectly. 

THIS WILL WORK...keep saying it over and over again in my head. I am off to get acupuncture again this afternoon...My acupuncturist is a huge advocate of pre and post treatments which I love as I feel it does relax and cause me to take a step back and get myself centered. Also, any increased blood flow to the uterus is more than welcome to help this bambino :)

I feel good post-IUI...crampy and would rather spend the day lounging around but the duties of life are calling! 

So we are about 3 hours into the 2ww and we are ALREADY over anxious and going silly, crazy to find out if this is OUR MONTH! 

Later this week we have an appt with the IVF specialists to learn more about IVF and tour the facility as just in case this is not our month, we will proceed with IVF next month.

Fingers crossed....hoping nonstop....


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