Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Picking my battles

Since I have become a parent, I have done countless things that I swore I never would. Most to keep my sanity - some to ensure the nuggets safety - some just for pure enjoyment. 
And here's another to add to the list...

I give up! The nuggets want to look outside all day long - and I can't blame them - it's colder than a witches tit out there so we aren't walking and playing outside as much as we want to so of course they are pissed and want to look out the windows and watch the cars, trucks, dogs, and people walk by. 

For a while I kept the front door open so they could see out the glass door but after a few too many close calls of indecently exposing myself (everyone's gets dressed in their dining rooms, right?) to the neighbors - I allowed my children - who love to climb - to climb. 

We now have snack while sitting on the window sill. We play games while arf'inch at pups walking by. We spend at least an hour a day climbing up and down. Go ahead girls - climb on up. 

Want a view of the side yard? 
Here ya go - perfect view from your slide. Climb on up.  

Granted we still gaze out the front door at times - especially when there is a trash or delivery truc... Doesn't get more exciting than that!

They sure are nosy little nugs - I like
to call them town watch - I wonder who they get that from? ;)

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