Wednesday, January 7, 2015

17 months!!

Peyton and Sawyer, 

It has been months, since I have done a true monthly update...This past year, while most of it is a blur, it was quite amazing and I highly doubt that it will ever be topped. Now at 17 months you two are crazy, silly, loving, fun, and the most creative little love bugs I have ever met. You keep me running everyday...You keep me guessing everyday..I go to bed every night thinking of how lucky I am that I have you...and I also go to bed with dried drool on my cheeks and arms from your nonstop kisses that you give all day. I could not be luckier. 


My little pie...You are such a spit-fire. You are super silly and super mischievous. You LOVE exploring and getting into trouble...whether it's climbing on the radiators or attempting to scale the baby gates - you are always smiling. You talk nonstop...fav words are "arf" "mommy" "ma" "ball" and you communicate even more through signing - more, water, please, grapes, milk...You still love your bink esp the bink that has a little puppy on it. 

You sleep pretty well...usually have me up once or twice a night but MOST nights its a quick awake session then back to sleep. You have pulled a few all nighters when you are teething where we are up all night. Last week, I laid down to go to sleep at 1030 and by 1130 you were up yelling and I did not go back to sleep at all that was tough but so worth it to have your warm little bod on me. 
You are so know everything that I say to you, whether or not you choose to listen varies with each situation but you sure are bright. 
You already are a little love pushing your baby in her stroller and giving her a bott. Just today I realized that you usually pick up the stroller and carry it and I realized that you do that after you see me carrying your stroller out the front door every morning...observant little nug that you are!
YOu would stay attached to me all day, everyday if you could and oh how I wish I could let koala onto my bod and I never want you to let go! 
You LOVE playing with rub anyones ears when you are tired. It is super sweet. 

Right now you love watching Curious George and still love Baby Einstein. Your favorite song is the itsy bitsy spider - you do all the hand movements and esp love when I tickle you at the end of the song. 
You have brought more light and love to my life than I ever imagined. I cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and thrive. 


My little love...You are an amazing little person, my Soybean. You are so creative and smart. You love books and blocks. You can build up to 8 blocks high with our soft blocks. Now that we have the big cardboard blocks, I cannot wait to see how high you can build.
You love music and esp love to spin around. A few times you have made yourself dizzy and then fallen over but you laugh it off and do it again. You are a homebody who LOVES just playing with her toys. Some days, you don't even want people over visiting and you let us know by yelling until they leave. and no sooner is that door closed, then you turn back into your sweet, loving little self. You are doing great sleeping at night - 730pm-6amish - some days 430 - some days 7 but I am not complaining as overall you're doing awesome. You also love Curious George (full disclosure - I just put on an episode for you 2 from NetFlix so that I can finish this post) and Baby Einstein. Your fav song is the Itsy Bitsy spider and the ABC's. You are a determined little lovie who knows what she wants when she wants it. You despise not getting your way - I can relate - I hate it too. 

You are tough at times - but such a lovie at the same time. You reach those still chubby little hands up to me countless times a day just to get a quick snuggle in. Those snuggles complete my life!! Anytime before I am putting you into a seat (car seat, booster seat) you snuggle in for a quick 10 second cuddle before being put down. It is amazing. I hope you continue to do this forever. 
When you were super little, you did not love being, somedays you will bring me the ergo and I will wear you around for an hour or so and you love it - but I love it more :)
You have brought more happiness and love into my life than I ever thought possible. I am so lucky to be your Mommy (oh and ps - you call my name in the cutest way ever "mummmeeee...mummmmeeee" You also love saying "arf" "baby" "ball" and while you don't love signing - you do it to get what you want - smart girl ;)

You both are the loves of my life..and I love you so much.


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